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Holbein Acryla Gouache 5 Mixing Colors Set

The new Holbein Primary Colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White and Black offer excellent handling qualities, very high chroma and exceptional lightfastness. There is no other set available today that is as well made.

Holbein Primary Cyan, Magenta and Yellow have superlative hues and high chroma. As the density and handling characteristics is well balanced, mixing two of these colors equally will produce secondary colors easily. Mixing these three colors equally will produce black and dark grey. Producing a comprehensive grey scale has never been easier.

In addition to the three Primary Colors, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow, Holbein has created a Primary Black and a Primary White. These two colors have been produced because, unlike Ivory Black and Permanent White, they offer identical, specific gravity as the other three Primary Colors. The result is a set that will produce identical colors in volume and weight when mixed together.

Acryla Gouache moves, reacts, blends and feels like traditional gouache, but is effectively waterproof once fully dry. It is rated for light-fastness, adapted to the Munsell color standard for hue, value and chroma and is made from the purest pigments available. Acryla Gouache may be used as a successful ground that will not contaminate over painted layers. It will not shift in color tone from liquid to dried color. Hence, what you see wet is what you get when dry. Acryla Gouache does not have as fragile a surface as traditional gouache in gum arabic and is compatible with all other water soluble media regardless of origin. An ideal medium for hobbyists and bird carvers as well. Available in 20 & 40ml tubes.

Acryla Gouache Whites are available in Chinese White and Titanium White in 20 & 40ml tubes.

Acryla Gouache Blacks are available in Jet Black and Ivory Black in 20 &40ml tubes.