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Berkley Drafting Combo

The Berkeley Combo includes an adjustable height steel frame drafting table. The sides/legs of the frame can fold down on each other and the top can then lay on top of the folded frame allowing for easy storage. The combo also includes a side caddy for simple storage, a black metal lamp with clamp and drafting stool.This product is available for purchase but requires special shipping. If you order this item, we will contact you with a shipping quote.

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The Berkeley folding base is rated best in its class due to its heavier gauge steel construction, larger footprint and additional height adjustment [more steel inside the steel], all of which makes this the most sturdy table in the industry. On top of this base is a 30 x 42 inch board top made of solid high density, non-directional pressed wood covered with an eye ease laminate. The combo includes the original side tray crafted by Italian designer Giovanni Pelis and a lamp with ceramic socket. The finishing touch is the ergonomically designed chair.