Arches 100% Rag Watercolor Paper- Natural White

The Artists’ Choice Since 1492

Superior quality, mold-made paper from the Arjomari Mills of France. Made from 100% rag, these 140 lb. blocks provide a convenient assortment of sizes, weights and surfaces that are ideal for field work. Twenty sheets per block.

Hot Pressed papers are plate smooth and are ideal for traditional watercolor techniques, as well as printmaking, pen and ink drawing and airbrushing.

The rich Cold Pressed surface is a particular favorite of Illustrators, watercolorists and air brush artists.

For a bolder more robust surface, Arches Rough provides just enough texture allowing for easy working and strong enough to maintain its character even after reworking. The Rought texture is also used by watercolorists, airbrush artists and acrylic painters.

ID / SKU Thumbnail Name Price Quantity
12915 Watercolor Block 140lb Cold Pressed 10"x14" 20 Sheets $49.80
12914 Watercolor Block 140lb Cold Pressed 7"x10" 20 Sheets $33.60
12916 Watercolor Block 140lb Hot Pressed 10"x14" 20 Sheets $49.80
12917 Watercolor Block 140lb Rough 10"x14" 20 Sheets $49.80