customprintpageLooking for a place to create one-of-a-kind printing projects? Look no further.

The Custom Printing Department at Sam Flax can help you select and create custom invitations, announcements, stationery, or business cards. Choose from our selection of well reputed printing books, including: Crane, William Arthur, Prentiss Douthit, Checkerboard, Encore Studios or Elite, or create something completely custom utilizing our wide selection of papers and local printing services. The Custom Printing Department is here to service your printing needs, for all of the special moments in your life…big or small.

Advice on all Things Print-Related

There are many types of printing, and even more types of papers to print on. Our printing specialists will discuss your needs and preferences, as well as work with you to find the styles which are most appropriate for you. This includes choosing layout, selecting paper, composing copy, advising on style and etiquette, and providing assistance with special accommodations such as printing in foreign languages.

Finishing Touches and Trimmings

Sometimes, it’s the finishing details that make the most impact. We invite you to consider the many ways that Sam Flax can add a personal touch to your project…ribbons or bows; custom or original artwork; wax seals; custom embossers and stamps; as well as any number of other embellishments. Sam Flax also has a wide variety of guest books, frames, and photo albums to help you capture the memories from your big event.

Printing Process Overview

Our printing specialists are available to help any customer needing assistance; however, we highly encourage making an appointment once you are ready to place your order to ensure an associate is available to help you with your project. You can schedule an appointment time by calling and asking to speak to the paperie department. When the time comes for your consultation, your printing specialist will work with you to create a piece that fits your specifications and will guide you through the ordering process. Your specialist will also inform you of the proofing process and printing timeline. The printing timelines vary depending upon the type of printing technique, size of the order, as well as a number of other factors. While the printing specialists are here to help you with etiquette and wording ideas, we do advise that when you are ready to place an order you have all of your text prepared beforehand. Changing dates, names, or locations may hold up the printing process once this process has begun.

Printing Techniques

letterpress1Letterpress—An inked plate is pressed into the paper, leaving a concave impression, with the ink sitting in the ‘floor’ of the impression. The result is an elegant de-bossed image. The oldest method of printing, letterpress is prized for its luxurious tactile nature. Due to the intensive nature of the technique, letterpress can take between three and eight weeks to produce.



engravingEngraving—A copper or steel plate is etched and inked with your chosen color(s). The excess ink is then wiped clean and the ink remaining in the etching is applied to the paper when the paper is pressed to the plate. The press forces the paper into the grooves of the plate. The result is a distinctive three-dimensional image rich in exquisite detail. Engraving can take between two and five weeks to produce.



thermographyThermography—The image is flat printed, but while the ink is still wet a resinous powder is applied and heated causing the ink to expand and create a raised effect. This method simulates the look and feel of engraving, but can be executed with more speed and at a lower cost. Thermography can take between five and ten days to produce.

Lithography—For the same charge as thermography, your invitations can be printed flat, without the raised effect characteristic of thermographed documents. Lithography can take between five and ten days to produce.

Laser Printing—Produced using a high-quality laser printer on premise; laser printing is the most affordable and time efficient for smaller orders. Laser printing can take between three and five days to produce.

Other Custom Work

In addition to printing on papers, the Sam Flax Printing Department also includes custom stamps, embossers, gift wrap, bags, and ribbon. The embossers and stamps can be created with return addresses, monograms, or custom logos. The gift wrap and bags are a great idea to truly customize any gift that you give with your name or personal message to gift recipients. Whether ordering these as an accompaniment to other custom printing or as great gifts for those special to you, Sam Flax is here to make any order unique and special.


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